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We created Flintix with an aim to allow players from around the world to play the game we all love (Minecraft of course) in a fun and safe environment as well as communicate and interact with each other. Our community guidelines help us ensure that everybody using our Discord, Forums or In-game servers feel safe and enjoy their time without the worry of being harassed, discriminated against or threatened with violence.

We may take a number of steps to ensure everybody is complying with our community guidelines, such as issuing warnings, removing content going against our guidelines, suspending/banning accounts responsible or reporting users to Discord should they be found violating their TOS or Guidelines.

General rules for interacting with others:
  1. Do not organise, participate in, or encourage harassment of others.
    It is normal to have disagreements with others, but continuous, repeated, or severe negative comments towards others is crossing the line into harassment and is not acceptable.
  2. Do not send others malware, viruses or malicious links.
    Attempting to phish others, hack, or DDoS others is unacceptable and will result in permanent removal from the Flintix Network.
  3. Do not organise, promote, or coordinate discussions around hate speech.
    Attacking another person or a member of the community based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation or disabilities is unacceptable behaviour with a ZERO tolerance policy.
  4. Do not make threats of violence or to harm others.
    This includes indirectly threatening others, as well as sharing or threatening to share someone’s personal information (Also referred to as doxxing).
  5. Do not evade user blocks or bans/mutes.
    Do not try to hide your identity in an attempt to evade an in-game, forum or discord ban or try to contact someone who has blocked you by sending repeated friend requests or messages. This may also cross the line into harassment which is not acceptable.
  6. Do not share or promote sexually explicit content with other people.
    This includes sharing other people’s sexually explicit content without their consent, or promoting non-consensual intimate imagery in an attempt to shame or degrade someone.
  7. Do not share or promote content that promotes suicide or self-harm.
    This includes any encouragement of others to harm themselves in any way shape or form. For example, asking someone to “cut themselves”.
  8. Do not share or promote other game servers, selling of goods or services.
    Advertising of other game servers or promoting goods and services via the “Flintix” Forums, Discord or Minecraft Server is not allowed.
  9. Do not interfere with moderators work.
    It is normal to disagree with things, but interfering with moderators' work or arguing over a decision made by a staff member regarding the enforcement of rules in any public channel is unacceptable. Moderators are here to ensure Flintix remains a fun and safe environment for players to communicate and interact with each other. If you disagree with any decision made, contact that staff member privately to resolve the issue. Otherwise, contact our community team via [email protected].
  10. Impersonation
    Impersonating a member of staff is a serious offence and not allowed. This means telling other members of the community that you are a staff member, changing your username/nickname to something similar to a staff member, or claiming that you have the abilities that are those of a staff member is not acceptable. This also includes impersonating other members of the community, if you happen to mimic or impersonate another member of the community with either a good or malicious intent and the player being impersonated asks that you stop, then you must stop.
  1. Spamming
    You may not spam (send unsolicited or irrelevant messages) on the Flintix forums. This includes but is not limited to; creating multiple posts within a small period of time, images, videos, random messages or farming posts.
  2. Inappropriate Content
    Do not post content that may be inappropriate for a family-friendly audience. Creating forum posts/threads, profile posts or sending private messages containing sexual language is not allowed and is in violation of the Flintix community guidelines. This includes creating threads with inappropriate titles.
  3. Necro Posting
    You may not respond to threads on outdated topics that have not been active or responded to in over 30 days.

    his does not apply to sticky threads, News and Announcements, Update Changelogs, Bug Reports or when contributing to suggestions/ideas.
  4. Advertisement
    Do not post content that advertises other communities, servers, websites or goods and services. This however does not apply to advertising Flintix related content, for example, you may have posted a YouTube video about Flintix.
  5. Trolling
    You may not post content with the Intention of confusing or tricking other players with false Information, spoiling movies, books. This includes creating posts whilst pretending to be staff and tricking other users.
  6. Re-Posting
    You may not re-post content that has already been posted by another user. With or without permission, this is not allowed and is considered as spamming.
  7. Starting or Participating in Drama
    Drama is likely to happen every once In a while for various reasons with people trying to join in on the discussion giving their opinion. We ask that you do not engage in any sort of activity as It is simply none of your business to be involved in those dramas. Engaging in such activities simply fuels them into something bigger so the best way to deal with them is to inform a member of staff.

While you're here on the "Flintix" Discord server, we strongly encourage you to read our rules and guidelines carefully so that you fully understand what you will be held responsible for.
  1. Keep the server a positive place
    Be nice and respectful towards other members of the community. We want everybody to feel safe and comfortable so be kind to each other.
  2. Discrimination and hate speech is not allowed
    We have a ZERO tolerance policy for discrimination of any sorts against other users and will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Keep your Nicknames, Usernames, Statuses and avatars appropriate
    Usernames or Nicknames should be mentionable and appropriate containing only Latin Characters and numbers (A-Z / 0-9). In addition to this, inappropriate avatars and statuses are not allowed.
  4. No excessive spamming
    This includes messages, reactions, emojis, images or URLs.
  5. No excessive swearing
    Please keep swearing and cursing to the bare minimum and avoid bypassing our chat filters.
  6. Avoid pinging Flintix Staff for no good reason
    They are busy people working hard behind the scenes making Flintix the best place it could possibly be. Instead, try to ask a member of the community otherwise @mention an online Helper or a Moderator as they most likely will be able to answer your question.
  7. No Advertising
    Advertising of other discord servers, communities or your social media are not allowed so please refrain from doing it. This also includes any links outside of the Flintix forums or support.
  8. No Doxxing
    Sharing of your personal information or anyone else’s is strictly forbidden and in direct violation of Discord’s TOS & Community Guidelines so will result in a permanent ban.
  9. Do not discuss NSFW, sexual or similar topics
    Discussing or posting of NSFW or sexual materials or topics is strictly forbidden from this Discord and is in violation of Discord’s TOS & Community Guidelines so please refrain from doing it as it will result in a ban.
  10. Do not Evade your Punishments
    Punishment evasion is strictly forbidden and we encourage you not to do it. Anyone found evading their punishment will be banned permanently with no option to appeal. You will also be reported to Discord as it is an offence that violated Discord's community Guidelines as well as ours.
  11. You must be 13 or older to use Discord
    Due to Discord’s TOS & Community Guidelines, anyone claiming to be under the age of 13 will be banned permanently. This also Jokes as this is a ZERO tolerance policy on our Discord.

You must also stay compliant with Discord's Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.
discord.com/tos & discord.com/guidelines

We are not all perfect, and it is simply impossible to list all possible ways of violating or the intent of the rules. We kindly ask that if you should see something that would typically be not allowed elsewhere but is not specifically listed in our rules, please do not attempt it or engage in an activity of any sort. You can instead Inform a member of staff and they will take care of it.

  1. No Inappropriate Skins, Names, or Builds
    Skins and Optifine Capes must not have any inappropriate imagery (nudity, swastikas, etc). This also includes inappropriate Usernames, Nicknames, Pet Names, Item Names, etc. Anything you're not allowed to say in chat cannot be in names. Any builds displaying disrespectful or inappropriate imagery are also unacceptable and will be removed.
  2. Exploiting Bugs
    Using a bug/glitch to your advantage is exploiting and unacceptable. If you think you have found a bug, please report it in the bug section on the forums.. Do not try to re-create or exploit it.
  3. Excessive Caps
    We get it, you might be excited about something and want to type in all caps, but continuous use of caps and going overboard by typing long or multiple sentences in capital letters is not allowed and is considered spam.
  4. Excessive Swearing
    We get it, sometimes out of frustration you might use a few words which some might consider swearing but doing it excessively is unacceptable, especially when directed towards another member of the community so please be conscious of the language you use.
  5. Griefing
    In general, griefing is not allowed, this includes cobble monsters or obstructing another players' claim.

    Survival Server - Obstructing entrance to another player's claim/build is griefing. Griefing while trusted in a claim is also considered griefing and unacceptable as you gain nothing from it but bad reputation amongst the community. This includes destroying an unclaimed build without permission, claiming an unclaimed build as your own, or claiming around other people's claims, with any type of malicious intent is not allowed.
  6. Texture Packs
    Texture packs used to gain an unfair advantage such as XRAY are not permitted.
  7. Alt Accounts
    Use of alt accounts is prohibited for various reasons. However, should you have multiple people sharing the same IP address as you wish to play on Flintix, then please inform a member of staff. This may include members of your household or friends coming over to play together.
  8. Faking Hacks
    Faking hacks will be treated and punished under the regular hacking guidelines. This includes telling others in chat that you're hacking or attempting to "prove" that you're hacking to troll or trick other members and staff.
  9. Hacked Clients
    The use of hacked clients or any other game modifications that are used to gain an unfair advantage over other players is strictly prohibited and not allowed.

    This includes but is not limited to: Kill Aura, AntiKB, Bhop, Chat Spammers, X-Ray, AFK Macros, Auto Fisher, Auto Mining, Auto Sell, or any Macro in general that can automate a task (Including external macros such as tapping down your mouse).
  10. Real World Trading
    Trading of In-game Items or services for real-life currency or purchases via a third party or external source is strictly prohibited. In-game items may be traded for other In-game items or services if all other community guidelines and server rules are met.

    Flintix is not a marketplace for advertising real-world items so please refrain from advertising goods or services for sale.