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From the team at Flintix, we would like to give you all a very warm welcome to our brand new community forums! Here you can share your ideas, feedback and engage with other members of the community whether it be via forum posts or private messages! 

Making a Thread
We encourage you to make threads on the forums, these threads don’t always have to be based on questions. They can range from general conversations to showing off what you are currently working towards on the server. Making a thread is simple on the forums, anyone can make one. All you have to do is click on the desired topic you want to select then press the “new topic” button. When done, feel free to let your heart out. (as long as it follows the rules stated)

However, you do not always have to create the thread yourself, you can always contribute to one that is already created by replying in the sections below, this may be because they are asking for help and you know the solution or that you are just having a nice discussion.

Customise Profiles
You can customise your profile by hovering over your name in the top right and clicking on “Account” you will then find the sub-section named “Profile Settings”. In this, you can customise your account to suit you, this can include changing your nickname on the forums, linking your discord profile, and of course, changing your avatar if you would like. We have set the Forums up like this to set your account to what suits you and feel comfortable with your account whilst using the Forums.

Reporting a Bug
Reporting a bug is the same process as making a thread on the forums. However, before you report a bug we suggest you make sure you read our “Guide To Reporting a Bug” to help you structure your report. We of course request that you make sure that this is a new bug and not one that somebody else has submitted. If you see that it has been brought to our attention by someone else we ask that you reply to their thread to make sure we are aware of multiple people noticing the bug.

Make Sure to read the rules
We have put together a very detailed section containing our Community Guidelines and Platform-Specific rules so be sure to read through them to stay out of trouble! The purpose of these rules is to ensure Flintix remains a fun and safe environment for all our community members to interact with each other, whether it be on Discord, Forums, or In-Game. You can find these rules here.

Finally, we ask that you are respectful to other members of our community whilst using our Forums to ensure everybody, including yourself, has a great time!

Flintix Team


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